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Competitions designed just for you.




Quick, fun activities you can solve your way.

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What will our next challenge be?

Solve it your way.

You want to compete to win prize money while finding a refreshing new way to connect during a time that seems so disconnected. We’ll provide exciting virtual competition experiences for teens ages 13-18 that are quick and engaging. You decide the ones that are right for you from our menu of options then grab a team or go it alone. Solve your way.


Choose how you Solve, all of them or just the ones that speak to you. Whatever you choose, you’ll have the opportunity to win cool prizes (not to mention some bragging rights). Be one of the first to sign up and the events will be FREE! 

Event Categories


Social Good

Social Good competitions showcase the positive ideas and problem-solving skills that students have, that could lead to real change in their community. The prompt will be revealed at the Launch convening. Students will have 5 days to prepare before they present their ideas/solutions at the Reveal convening. Students may present alone or in teams of up to three people.  


Pitch competitions showcase the public speaking and innovative skills that students have. The prompt will be revealed at the Launch convening. Students will have 3-5 days to prepare before they pitch at the Reveal convening. Students may present alone or in pairs.  



Explore competitions are one day competitions, that provide students with opportunities to explore and discover new things. The prompt will be revealed at the Launch convening, early in the day. Working in teams of 1-4, students will spend the day taking pictures of their findings. At the end of the day, students will present their findings at the Reveal convening.  



Inspire competitions provide students an opportunity to inspire others through their creativity and artistic talents. During this 4-day event, students will convene to launch the competition. They then have one week to individually create and capture a photo that inspires others. At the end of the week, students showcase their work and provide insight into their process. 


Challenge competitions showcase the analytical, problem solving, and decision-making skills that students have. At the one day event, the prompt will be revealed and students will complete a series of small challenges in an attempt reach their end goal. The winner will be chosen at the end of the convening. Students may work alone or in teams of up to four.   


Build competitions provide students an opportunity to showcase their creativity and innovation. During this one-day event, teams virtually convene to launch the competition and create their build. Students will create their build using supplies they collected prior to the event. At the end of the event, teams virtually present their build and a winner is determined. 

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Upcoming Events

Here’s what’s happening now! Choose one, choose all, choose you.  

Upcoming Events
Event Categories
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    Online Event
    For individuals or teams up to two people

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What is SOLVED?

Solved is designed by CustomED. CustomED is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that collaborates with organizations and corporations to bring social impact efforts to life by designing strategies, projects and initiatives that provide extraordinary educational experiences to learners of all ages.  Established in 2011, CustomED has partnered with clients such as Fuel Up to Play 60, GENYOUth, and Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM). 



Do we have to be from the same school? 

No, teams can include students from different schools.

What should we expect? 

Expect the unexpected. Each experience is new, different and designed to engage you in an amazing way. 

What are the hours? 

Hours and times vary. See each competition for more details. 

What are the ages? 

Any student ages 13-18 years old

How do we become a partner?  

By partnering with Solved you are helping to amplify the voice of our youth and change the world for the better. There are many ways to support Solved. Contact for more information.

Technical requirements?
Events will be hosted on Zoom and you will need a camera and microphone available.

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes, each participant will need to sign a waiver to register

What if I sign up and can’t participate? 

Contact to let us know

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